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a small list of all frequently asked questions

How does the beerbike work?



The Beerbike is a bike which is suitable for a minimum of six and a maximum of 18 people.  You will go on a one-hour tour through Albufeira on the Beerbike, whilst enjoying drinks (beer or Somersby).  You will have your own private driver who will show you all the best parts of Albufeira! There are six daily departure times when you can rent the Beerbike.


How much does it cost?
  To participate on the Beerbike tour, you can choose your preferred alcohol package: barrels of beer (30 litres or 50 litres), sangria (20 litres) or Somersby (30 litres).  Check the “Pricing and terms” web page for the actual prices.  
How many people does the beerbike hold?

We accept groups from six people up to a maximum of 18 people. There are a maximum of 14 seating places. When you are with a group of 18 people, 4 people must stand during the ride.

Is my date available?
  You can see this in the online reservation system.  
Is Beer & Somersby included?


There is a choice between four different barrels of alcohol: 30 or 50 litres of beer, 30 litres of Somersby.  Different amounts are charged for these barrels, depending on whether you are booking in low season or high season.  See our “Pricing and terms” page for the actual prices.  Be aware that there is no possibility to book extra barrels during the ride.

What if it is too hot, raining or stormy?
  We go out in all weather, so plan your outfit accordingly.  We recommend you bring along a poncho when it rains, and sun protection such as a cap or sunglasses when it’s hot.  You are also allowed to bring sun protection cream and a bottle of water.  If there is a severe weather warning, your driver will determine whether it is safe to continue.  
Can i rent more than one beerbike?
  No, at this very moment we own one Beerbike.  
Can i make my own route?
  No, your driver will make sure that you will explore Albufeira’s best spots!  
Who will drive the beerbike?
  You will have your own private driver.  
What are the rules?
  Please have a look at the “Pricing and terms” page on our website where you can find all the rules   and regulations  
Do you have tips or recommendations for a fun trip?
  We advise you to plan your outfit according to the weather.  Wear sun protection when it’s hot and make sure that you use sun protection cream!  If it’s raining, wear a poncho or light jacket.  You are allowed to bring along sun protection cream, a bottle of water and some snacks on the Beerbike  
Where is the starting point?
  The starting point is Lucky Friends Restaurant/Cocktail Bar which is situated on The Strip in Albufeira (Av. Sá Carneiro 35, 8200-260 Albufeira).  If you wish to make use of the transfer service, please let us know in the online reservation system.  We charge €25 per group for this, which is to be paid at Lucky Friends.  The driver will contact you a few days before your tour to discuss the exact time and location pick-up.  Be aware that we will contact the person whose personal details we received, so make sure this person is available via phone and/or e-mail.  
What about the deposit?
  As a group, you pay €100 euros deposit in advance.  Eventually, you will get the deposit back in cash providing there hasn’t been any damage to the Beerbike.  Please look at our “Pricing and terms” page for all rules and regulations.    

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