About us

About us


How does it work?


Are you excited and ready to experience a ride on the Beerbike?   First of all, carefully read our terms  on the “Pricing & Terms” page and have a look at the “Frequently asked questions” (FAQ).

If everything is clear, enter the online reservation system which you can find on the booking page on this website.

In the online reservation system, you are able to select your preferred date and time, and the desired barrel, either beer or Somersby.  Please be aware that there is no possibility to book any extra barrels during the ride!  Once everything is selected as you desire, please complete the payment.

After payment you will receive a voucher with all information and details.  Keep the voucher safe as it serves as your entrance-card!  The starting point of the tour is Lucky Friends Restaurant/Cocktail Bar which is located on The Strip Make sure that you are present at Lucky Friends at least 30 minutes in advance, and bring the printed voucher with you.

During these 30 minutes, you will be provided with extra instructions and will be offered an alcoholic shot to get you in the (right) mood!  Let’s go!