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About us

Are you looking for something fun to do in Albufeira and do you like to drink once in a while? A tour on the Beerbike is an exciting activity to do with a group of friends: explore the best parts of Albufeira while enjoying a beer or Somersby!

What to expect on the Beerbike ride?!

  A one-hour tour through Albufeira while enjoying drinks (beer or Somersby)
  A private driver who will show you the best parts of Albufeira
  An unique and entertaining activity which suits large groups of friends
  The possibility to play your own music through the Bluetooth Sound System
  Refreshment during the ride
  An alcoholic shot in advance to get you in the mood

BeerBike Friends

For beer and bike lovers!:



Wow!  The beer bike was so cool!  We went on the bike ride together with a group of English boys, really good!  A fabulous way of meeting new people whilst having lots of fun, exploring and drinking outside the area!  We’re definitely booking again for next year!



We visited Albufeira with a group of friends to generally party and drink.  We unexpectedly came across the beer bike and made a reservation immediately!   It was so good to cycle around all together, enjoying drinks along the way!  We had an awesome afternoon!



We were invited on the beer bike by one of the promoters. We are actually not great fans of beer but fortunately they also had Somersby Cider onboard, so we were happy!  We had a really great evening!

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